NeuralStyler is a free tool which can turn pictures or videos into art.This isn’t the usual simple pixel-based filtering you’ll see in most image editors. Instead the developer says NeuralStyler “converts your videos into art works by using styles of famous artists: Van Gogh,Wassily Kandinsky,Georges Seurat etc.”
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The program is compact and has very few options. Choose a file (despite the “Video file” prompt, images work too), select a style, pick a target resolution (160×120, 320×240, 480×320, 640×480, 1024×768), click “Create Artistic Video” (again, this works for images too) and wait.You may then wait, wait, and wait a little more, especially if the source image is large and your target resolution is 1024×768: we found the process could take up to 20 seconds. Videos of even a few seconds will take minutes to convert.Even when the conversion has finished, the minor hassles continue. Where was our new picture, we wondered? In the source folder? No. There’s an “Open Styled Videos” button, but that did nothing. Instead you must manually browse to the “styledvideo” folder below NeuralStyler’s program files.

Is all this effort worth it? As usual with this kind of tool, it all depends on the source image, but on balance we’d say yes. In our tests only around a third of the styles delivered worthwhile results, but these did include some eye-catching creations that we couldn’t easily produce any other way.


NeuralStyler is slow, forces your source images into preset resolutions, and has various interface annoyances. But it also works offline, is no-strings free and occasionally delivers very impressive results. Factor in the option for third-party developers to add their own styles and NeuralStyler could grow into a great product.