Did you know that anyone could walk up to your locked Windows 10 PC or tablet and quickly grab your email address?

In fact, they can do it even if your device is locked using a password, PIN, or Windows Hello biometric authentication with your face or fingerprint.

No, it is not a security issue either and they will never get past your Lock Screen however, there is a simple setting to turn off the display of your email address.

Here is what your Lock Screen looks like with your email displayed.

Windows 10 Lock Screen

This screen can be accessed from the Lock Screen by tapping any key on your Windows 10 PC or tablet.

If you head into Windows Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options and then scroll down to Privacy near the bottom of the settings page you can remove it very quickly.

Lock Screen Privacy Setting on Windows 10

Just toggle the On/Off button to Off and your email address will no longer be displayed on your Lock Screen.